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Farming is not a business,but a religious work

Knowledge have Information and implementation of that knowledge
with right platform change the world.

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World highest Cocunut Production

The way to quality Life

Lets move towards the Organic farming System to acquire
disease-free food grains along with happiness, peace and healthy-wealthy life.

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Water Logging Mordern Method

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Mr.Save’s Organic and Natural Farming System

In the name of development, we have developed modern culture, agriculture, science and medicine. With all these modern developments, diseases have become more harmful, resistant and the human body is deteriorating. Body's immunity to survive against diseases is reducing. Modern medication is becoming more expensive, which is not affordable by the poor people. Besides, this system does not help in the natural activities of the body. The main reason for all this is the inappropriate food, irresponsibility of people towards the environment and unnatural lifestyles, etc. Most of the people do not even dream of farming without tilling, fertilizers, pesticides and weeding. Since 1960, for Mr. Bashkir Hiraji Save's family; living in Umbergaon in South Gujarat; all this work is done by nature free of cost. In Mr. Save’s Organic Farming System, they have not ploughed their farmland, nor have they used any agrochemicals till date, Mr. Save’s family reaps a record harvest.

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Since 1960, we are following only ‘Mr. Save’s System of Organic Farming’ and by actual practice; we have collected all the scientific and concrete proofs. In our Mr. Save’s system, only with little water, farmers get a lot of Healthy Food Production and without much investment and labour farmers get Very Good Profit. Because of Mr. Save’s low cost system and highest profit in the World, we have received many ‘National & International Awards’. Mr. Save’s ‘Zero’ input farming system will stop farmer’s suicide and we will all get ‘The Way to Health, Wealth & Happiness.’

In year 2010, for the first time in the World, after receiving ‘ONE WORLD Lifetime Achievement AWARD’ from ‘IFOAM - Germany’, we all can VERY PROUDLY say ‘We have World’s Best Agriculturalist Mr. Save and his Organic Farming System in India’.

Mr. Save's family, Mr. Ashok V. Sanghavi & Mr. Bharat Mansata’s advice one thing to all the people of the World, ‘DO NOTHING IN ORGANIC FARMING & EARN MORE’. By adopting our 'Mr. Save's Organic Farming System' or by demanding only Organic Farming Production, we all will get Disease-Free Health, Good Wealth, Happiness, Peace and Whole World will get Clean Environment.

For society’s awareness, we have stared 'Natural Farming Learning Centre' at 'Kalpvruksh Farm' and in the class, we show all our Scientific Data. Here we teach that without purchasing anything how to earn big profit for you and for the country. So please take advantage by registering your name forour classes. After learning about organic farming system we can save our useful water, we can protect our environment and by awareness, we can prevent other farmers from committing suicide. Through our book, we show a system where in you can cure acute/ chronic diseases only by 12 Medicines.